Old Film and Alaska

I’ve been carting about 10 rolls of undeveloped film from city to city for a good 10 years. As photo development locations began to close and the cost of film development rose, I just shoved the rolls into a shoebox told myself, “someday” I finally took those rolls to the wonderful and qualified experts at Holland Photo and dropped a good $100+ Amongst the photos ex-girlfiends and blurry hip-shots I found a set of photos that I took while in Alaska. I completely forgot I took a film camera to Alaska! In my mind I didn’t take a camera at all. It was so nice to find these photos. I thought my entire Alaska experience had been relegated to a few embarrassing family shots or drunk photos with entirely too much flash.

Part of me wishes I didn’t develop these – the surprise was so great. With the instant gratification of digital, I sometimes forget the joy of being reunited with of a moment that I had been lost. 

Here are few of the raw photos. 

Ryan Bruner