New Website

I've had a "New Site Coming Soon…" on my website for about 2 years now. Two years is certainly not "soon" by the standards of most, but there was a reason for the delay. I was working on finishing my MFA at UT and immediately upon graduation I started contracting and eventually taking a full time position at Creative Tonic, teaching in the UT Department of Design, and took a role as Email Communications Director for AIGA Austin. So… I've been pretty busy. 

It is a really great problem, actually. But the inevitable result of working on so many client projects and/or teaching is that there becomes little time to work on personal work. I was accustomed to coding websites myself in the past since there were still no really valuable tools to easily make a decent online portfolio. I've dabbled with Wordpress templates, played with the Behance Pro Site, and experimented with a dozen or so other options– only to be disappointed with the final output / time commitment with any of these options. That is until I started playing with Squarespace. Now… I don't think this platform is perfect, or even really close yet. But here I am, getting a site together in a matter of days instead of weeks/months, and in my case, years.