Video of Ann Hamilton’s ‘the event of a thread’ by Paul Octavious

Video of Ann Hamilton's 'the event of a thread' by Paul OctaviousVideo of Ann Hamilton's 'the event of a thread' by Paul Octavious

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In recent memory I can’t think of a place other than The Armory in Manhattan which has had such spectacular art shows so frequently. It seems like they just wrapped up their exhibit with Tom Sachs and yet they’re already blowing minds with their newest exhibit by Ann Hamilton called the event of a thread.

Visual artist Ann Hamilton combines the ephemeral presence of time with the material tactility for which she is best known to create a new large-scale installation for the Wade Thompson Drill Hall. Commissioned by the Armory, the event of a thread references the building’s architecture, as well as the individual encounters and congregational gatherings that have animated its rich social history.

My buddy Paul Octavious visited (with his adorable parents) and was able to take some video footage, creating the awe-inspiring video you see above. This makes me desperately wish I could see this show, it looks absolutely stunning. I love that it’s such an immersive piece, that no matter where you are there’s something to excite and engage you. Los Angeles needs to up it’s ante and start putting on art shows of this caliber.

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