Mr Porter’s Handwriting: Underware

Designers with bad handwriting often have recourse in the use of calligraphic typefaces to overcome their hand coordination shortfalls. That usually ends up being even worse than their chicken scratches, because the majority of these typefaces are not designed within the typographic sublets of Mr Porter, a design commissioned by the fashion company Saturday for their sub-brand Mr Porter.

Contrary to the cheap handwriting fonts found on the web, this beautiful casual script has been crafted to simulate real handwriting where the same glyph is different each time it is drawn. Certain letters have more than 10 glyphs variations—no little feat of OpenType programming.

With such a distinct personal touch, you would think this is just the handwriting of an individual; instead, it is the group work of Akiem Helmling, Bas Jacobs and Sami Kortemäki, also known as the great Dutch type foundry Underware.

Unfortunately, if you really want to use it, you should look for a job at the Mr Porter design department because it is a bespoke face designed exclusively for them.

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