Assistant Professor Beili Liu wins 3rd place in ArtPrize

Lure/Wave, Grand Rapids, 2010

Beili Liu, assistant professor in studio art, has won 3rd place in the second annual ArtPrize competition. Held each year in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the competition is open to artists from around the country and awards over $450,000 to the winners, who are decided by public vote. Lure/Wave, Grand Rapids, Liu’s installation of red thread and sewing needles based on an ancient Chinese legend about soul mates, was installed in the UICA-Fulton Gallery. Congratulations Beili!

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And interestingly, Liu’s piece also served as the backdrop for a marriage proposal. Inspired by the work, and with permission from Liu and UICA, Josh Tyron was granted special access to the installation, where he proposed to his girlfriend, Kathy. His friends captured it all on video.

from Department of Art and Art History

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