EARS : Digital Poster Prototype

http://vimeo.com/17341908 In my study at UT, I have been looking more closely at advanced prototyping for interactive media. Although I do have a decent understanding of the programming behind most interactivity, I'm unable to program something of this complexity. I realize that to fully articulate my ideas I would either need to immerse myself in programming or find a partner. I have met people who could possibly help me in this process, but with no doubt, I would have to learn a whole new skill set(Processing and/or OpenFrameworks). This is something I'm not quite ready to do as it is sure to derail me from refining my current knowledge base. And I haven't decided definitively if Interactive Design is where I ultimately want to focus on in my research. So I have to utilize my current skill set in articulating a more complex interactive idea.







I utilized my Graphic Design and Music background to articulate this poster prototype. Since I'm a poor broke Grad Student, I couldn't find an actual HDTV to use. So I made a prototype out of insulation. The video of the poster would be superimposed on the pink part of the TV prototype. That is partly why the footage is in black and white, in order to differentiate the colors of the poster and that of the footage of myself. The audio used was created in reason, but arranged within AfterFx. I think I was pushing the limits of the sound module in AfterFx, which can be heard with the popping and sound fall out. I'm still working on this technical set back, but I don't think the effect is lost.

The next step in the process is to see if an actual physical prototype can be constructed. If so, I will be buried in code for the next few months. I find it funny that I started my undergraduate in Computer Science and hated it. Now I with I had paid more attention.