LCHS Winter 2010 - Part 2 & DDC 21

LCHS Winter is well on its way. We finished Movement 1 with the whole ensemble last night and it turned out fairly well. Today they are getting Mov 3 and we will beginning drill for Mov 1. We aren't too far behind and plan on getting drill done fairly quickly as these kids are good at that. Below is an VDL Recording of their third movemet. "Whats New in Baltimore" by Frank Zappa. There are a few gaps in which my center tenor player will be writing some beats. I also added the proposed costume and a T-Shirt I designed for them, hopefully to get screen printed before the first show. There is a ton to finish before we get to that.

Oh, and we have blue basses.

Mov 3.

"What's New in Baltimore", Frank Zappa


DDC, Design, MusicRyan Bruner